Press Release

No one disputes the sad fact that the state of Eritrea, whose independent and sovereign birth was achieved through unparalleled sacrifices, is today being led to a dangerous path by a selfappointed repressive autocrat whose misrule has been repressing and displacing the people for decades without a constitution and the rule of law.

As such, many Eritreans have been struggling in their different ways manifesting their rejection and resistance to the misrule. As part of the long ongoing efforts to unify their ranks in the struggle, the organized political forces were scheduled to meet in London last March 2020 under the sponsorship of the non-profit Eritrean Education and Publications Trust in UK with the aim of creating a formula for joint action under the revived theme of ‘Salvation of the People and their State.’ However, some of the key agenda items of the conference, which was interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, were successfully discussed dialogued for over two months via the electronic media. The allied sister political forces are thus pleased to announce to the public their agreement on key national issues and the importance of launching now a common platform for joint work in the resistance.

The key driving factors necessitating the critical importance of reaching this accord at this moment in time are the following:

  • The urgency of bringing together all Eritrean political organizations now to respond to the heightened public call for unity to remove the dictatorial regime without delay;
  • Betrayals of and threats to Eritrea’s sovereign existence by the one-man dictatorship are glaringly apparent than any time before;
  • The worsening of the political and socio-economic crises caused by the failed internal and external policies of the regime are not only increasing the suffering of the nation and the exodus of its youth, but are also endangering the very continuation of the state;
  • Equally worrisome and dangerous to Eritrea and its people are the ever sharpening regional and international competitions going on in the region.

This agreement, which has been worked out with earnest determination and sense of responsibility of the signatory organizations, is highly expected to be an important chapter in the struggle of the Eritrean political camp.

1. Objective of Coordination Process

To remove and replace the autocratic regime with a constitutional and democratic system of governance, it is imperative that the Eritrean political forces identify key area for joint serious action. It has been learned from the past years that the protection and promotion of our people’s unity, national sovereignty and guaranteeing human rights primarily requires common action in a unified manner. Springing from this understanding, we are resolved to work from within a common platform in order to adopt a people-centered strategy for regime removal and lay out the process for its replacement.

Taking into consideration the above stated facts and situation, we, the signatories of this document are committed to do as follows:

a) To pursue serious and continued dialogue and understanding among all Eritrean political formations to establish a national umbrella;

b) In the meantime, to launch now a joint and coordinated action plan in selected spheres of struggle as listed below;

c) All parties to this accord have agreed to contribute human and material resources for the task forces in the spheres selected for joint action;

d) To enable the joint task forces to be effective in their areas of action, the Coordinating Committee of the Eritrean Political Forces shall prepare detailed guidelines to assist the achievement of the tasks.

2. Establishing the Coordination Committee and Task Forces

To face the looming dangers to our national existence, there is a need for establishing a coordination committee to guide and administer joint operations through task forces created to act at various spheres of joint action. To make it more effective, the Coordinating Committee shall not only reflect the diversity and worth of the constituent parties, but will primarily consist of persons selected on merit basis, on their capacity to do the hard work. Within this process of joint work, it is considered important to encourage our political formations to consider mergers with sister organizations when possible.

a) Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee shall be formed by the parties signing this agreement. Committee members shall perform their duties diligently and reach decisions through consensus. The Committee, which is responsible to guide the actions of the task forces, shall be coordinated by its chairperson selected from among its members.

b) Task Forces

Task forces shall be formed and deployed for action immediately after this agreement is put into effect. Merit is the key factor for assignment of persons to the various task forces. Their work shall be limited to their area of assignment.

c) The selected spheres of action for Task Forces

1. Diplomacy

2. Media/information

3. Public Action

4. Intelligence and Follow up

5. Other areas of joint action as deemed necessary in the future.

d) Time Frame

The Coordination Committee shall be established within 30 days, and the Task Forces within 60 days as of the date of date of adoption of this agreement,

Names of the political coalition/front/organization

Name of Coalition/Front/Org Signatures

Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) ______________

Eritrean National Front (ENF) ______________

Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) ______________

Unity for Democratic Change (UDC) ______________

United Eritreans for Justice (UEJ) ______________

Long live to the Eritrean People with their rights and liberties preserved!

Death to the Dictatorial regime in Eritrea!

June, 25, 2010