Press Release


We-the Eritrean Unity for Democratic Change (EUDC) are shocked by the news and video clips circulating in mass media. Although we have been crying out loud about the inhumane treatment of African brothers and sisters in the hands of Bodoween in Libya, we hoped with the intervention of all peace loving and law abiding citizens of the international community would get better. To our dismay, the situation has become worse. In fact it escalated beyond belief to the extent that Africans are now being sold in an open slave auction.

African brothers and sisters who fled their respective countries from political and human rights abuses are now facing even worse conditions in the hands of senseless, selfish, and merciless people in Libya. Our African brothers and sisters do not deserve the brutal treatment they are subjected to in Libya. Refugees in Libya are subjected to kidnaping, ransoming and organ harvesting. Though this is crime beyond belief, our continuous cry and plea so far seems to fall on deaf ears.

Many women are gang raped and are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. If a brother and a sister claimed that they were couple to avoid being raped by the criminals, they usually were forced to have sex in front of them so that they are believed to be so. In many cases even that did not help. These kinds of chilling stories have been reverberating throughout the world community by those who were lucky to make it to the shores of various European countries. It is about time the perpetrators with this kind of animalistic behaviour are made accountable for their barbaric actions.

The conduct of these captors is equally as hideous and revolting as the despotic governments of the past and present who employ tyranny and the institution of slavery to profit from free labor.  For these men, there should be no compromise.  Every slave is a stolen man and every slaveholder is a man stealer.  By no precedent, no example, no law, no compact, no purchase, no bequest, no inheritance, no combination of circumstances, is slaveholding right or justifiable.  While humans remain enslaved there should be no rest for those of us who consider it our inalienable duty to protect the inalienable rights of humanity.

Slavery is not divine. That which is inhuman cannot be divine.  Crimes against humanity, crimes in spite of our Divine nature; against God and Man must be denounced. If we as a world community are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.  If we are not empathetic to the plight of our enslaved brothers and sisters, do we not hide behind a vail of apathy, disguised as custodians of humanity?

We know the Libyan government has so far ignored or are unable to control their outlaw people in their country and the governments from whom the refugees flee could not care less to stand on behalf of their respective citizens. In this kind of drastic and dismal situation we do not have any other option but to appeal to the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations to interfere and stop this heinous crime that mirrors the atrocities of despotic governments of histories dark past.  On behalf of all human beings treated like objects and chattel property, we employ you to defend humanity at all costs.

Please act humanly!

EUDC Chairman Office                                                                        23 November 2017