Dictators dig their graves dipper as time passes by. The problem is that they become too proud to be told off or/and to be advised to. Hence, it is their way or no way. For the most part of their ruling period their voice is heard louder than the population they were supposed to be heard. Their personal interest (to them) seems to be more important than the interest of the public. As if their country is not blessed to have better than them, they worry as if the country would not survive after them. Evidently, the truth is quite the opposite. The sooner a dictator goes the better.

Here is a frequent question we all seem to come across. So bad that they are, why do dictators seem to govern longer than the others? Well, where there is dictatorship there is a boom of corruption and any dictator would not stay longer unless they corrupt the people around them. Be it cascaded or trickled there are always people waiting for the quench bestowed by the dictator - temporarily satisfying but poisonous. These kinds of people may be few comparing to the wider population yet they are very influential. Once they agree to it again and again they become part of the dictator’s family whereby they cannot live without the dictator and the dictator cannot do without them – and the cycle goes on.

On the other hand there is either revolutionary or evolutionary cycle that goes parallel to that of the dictator. The two developments go parallel for a long time but they cross over at a time where the dictator can no longer govern or the people can no longer be governed. In most cases Dictators are too busy with themselves to expect such a roar from the public.  Whatever they did to silence the wider population can only extend the time but not defuse the time bomb. Sooner or later bloodshed or not the bomb explodes taking down perpetrators.

Why do dictators not listen to the uproar of the people in time and transform to democracy? Well, in most cases dictators cannot have lived without being involved in all sorts of crimes. Therefore to give in to democracy means to accept the rule of law; and if that is the case they will be accountable to the court of law and diminish their ballooned egos and realise that they are just equal to the rest of us – which is too difficult for them to contemplate. Instead, they wait for a better day after the rainy; the rain continues to become a devastating flood.

These are the characteristics of dictators we have witnessed not only in history books but only in recent years. The anger and uproar of oppressed people in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt was not a sudden eruption but accumulated of political and socio-economic suffocation. Finally it exploded and when it did it took the dictators down.  At the time it seemed to have a domino effect and no one thought it would spare Issaias. But for reasons not intended for the purpose of this article President Issaias a friend but worse than Gadafi was spared for another Spring.

We waited for another Spring for there will always be another Spring. This time here comes from the South. It is very possible that the domino effect of the Arab Spring can be repeated provided that we play our dice right. Eritrea is witnessing with angry protestors on the streets of the Capital that the dictator Issaias has never seen before and President Mugabe has been forced to resign after the military took over and avoided bloodshed. Call it Zimbabwe or African Spring – it is a Spring and it is going to bring down some dictators.

The struggle continues and justice will prevail!!

EUDC – Chairman office