Eritrean nationalist organizations are convinced that skillful management of the differences between the Eritrean social forces and coordination of all available revolutionary resources is the only path towards victory and freedom for our people. Accordingly, Eritrean nationalist groups have agreed to give priority to the salvation of our nation and its people from the tyranny of the regime in Asmara following four-month intensive discussions and dialogue. The group has agreed to adopt a new mode of struggle that would enable our people to overcome the serious danger the country and its people currently face in the hands of the totalitarian regime of Isayas Afeweki and the PFDJ rule. Based on a unified conviction, a number of organizations held a three-day “Founding Conference” from November 18 – 20, 2021, and decided to form an organization, Eritrea United National Front (EUNF). The EUNF is being established at this important juncture in our history with the core aim to remove the PFDJ’s dictatorial regime through armed resistance. The EUNF will also ensure all conspiracy theories hatched by the Asmara regime and its allies against our national sovereignty and territorial integrity are properly exposed and dealt with. We appeal to all justice and peace-loving people of Eritrea, both in the country and in diaspora, to give the new organization their full and unconditional support to bring lasting peace, not only to our country but to the region at large.

Dear fellow compatriots,

One of the key issues the EUNF Founding Conference discussed was the prevailing international political climate and the changing dynamics. In this regard, the conference observed the political and socio-economic pressure exerted on developing nations, especially in Africa, by the “superpowers” to enhance their interest and sphere of influence was immense. Furthermore, the Conference assessed the regional situation vis-a-vis the Horn of Africa and noted the diverging political and socio-economic interests of competing for regional powers. It noted that these divergences may result in civil wars, disintegrations of nations as well as untold deaths, displacement of millions of people, and destruction of badly needed infrastructure. The influence and pressure of these regional forces on the Horn of Africa and in particular on Eritrean politics will be required carefully considered attention and action.

Through in-depth discussions of the above all-encompassing regional political issues, the Founding Conference identified a rapidly emanating phenomenon from this unjust political system against our people. This is further exacerbated by competing external powers who want dominance of the region to use as a launching pad for the rest of Africa and beyond. The Conference underscored that the fundamental solution for this lopsided situation is the establishment of democratic systems that can ensure the fulfillment of the wishes and interests of the Eritrean people and others in the region.

The prevailing situation in our country is worrisome and the Conference rightly acknowledged the situation is rapidly deteriorating; exposing the Eritrean people and the sovereignty of our nation to an imminent and alarming danger. The Eritrean people, under the absolute and abhorrent dictatorial system, are facing an existential threat and the very fabric of our society has been badly damaged to the point of disintegration. On the economic front, the Conference noted that the Eritrean people are living under extreme poverty and an ever-declining standard of living. Diplomatically, under the totalitarian PFDJ regime, the country has been and remains under extreme isolation, a pariah state. The regime is intentionally using the Covid-19 pandemic to put the nation under total and extended lockdown, refusing vaccination aid, hence condemning the people to mass extermination.

The Conference duly noted the various conflicts the regime has been involved in over the last 25 years; attacking one neighbor after another. The PFDJ regime has been involved in the Tigray war from the outset; planning a “war pact” with Ethiopia in the name of “peace agreement” and subsequently committing heinous atrocities, including the loss of thousands of Eritrean lives, rape of women and girls, looting, and the regimes partnership with Abiy to create a man-made famine in Tigray through the blockade that is tantamount to genocide. The Conference unreservedly condemns all such evil acts and called on the Eritrean people to boldly reject the unprovoked Tigray war. We should and must rise up in unison to save our country and hold to account those responsible for the death of so many of our fellow Eritreans in a war that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

In connection with the various Eritrea opposition groups, the Founding Conference reflected that in the 30 years of our struggle we had many opportunities to bring change but repeatedly failed to do so. The main reasons for these failures were the lack of a unified stand on national issues and the inability or unwillingness to effectively coordinate our limited resources. The conference thus affirmed that unity was paramount and that nothing can be accomplished by silo working in an uncoordinated and disjointed manner. Delegates said the need for unity now was more urgent than ever before. It, therefore, called upon all Eritrean opposition groups to put their differences aside for the sake of our nation and embark on a unified struggle that prioritizes the plight of the long-suffering Eritrean people.

The Conference called on all Eritrean organizations and other political and non-political entities and the Eritrean people at large to join EUNF and direct all available resources towards the struggle at this crucial moment in our country’s history. This is never easy and will certainly require sacrifices but, as we know from our bitter history of 30—year armed struggle against the Ethiopian occupying forces, freedom is not free.

Dear fellow Eritreans,

Perhaps more than at any time in our history, the Eritrean people are confronted with extremely challenging and calamitous situations. Isayas and his PFDJ cliques are clearly determined to ensure the total annihilation of the Eritrean people. The regime is putting our hard-won sovereignty and territorial integrity at risk. This situation warrants for the Eritrean people to say loud and clear in a unified voice “No to Dictatorship” and “Enough is enough” before it is too late

To the Eritrean youth, we ask to free yourselves from the endless PFDJ enslavement, to relieve yourselves from becoming victims of aimless wars, to guarantee a bright and secure future for yourselves and your people. We call on you to fight to defeat PFDJ’s conspiracy by directing your arms against the mortal enemy of your country and your people. You are called to stop from becoming an instrument of oppression against your own people. This is an opportunity for you to shoulder your honorable responsibility. Join the struggle for justice and contribute towards liberating yourselves and your people.

To our friends in the international community,

Our Founding Conference would like to bring to the attention of the international community the fact that for the last quarter of a century, Isayas and PFDJ have been the main cause of instability and conflict in our region. For that reason, the Conference called on the international community to take all necessary measures to put pressure on PFDJ, to impose economic and other sanctions against the regime without any fear of hurting the people. Our people have already lost everything under the 30-year rule of this brutal regime, they have nothing left to lose and can’t be hurt anymore.

In concluding the conference, delegates identified and agreed on short and long-term programs, including issues pertaining to important political matters. They have also elected a transitional leadership that will serve until the First Congress is convened.

The Safety of Our People and Country above All!

Our Security through Our Unified Struggle!

Honor and Eternal Memory for Our Heroic Martyrs!

Media & Information Office of EUNF

Dec 6, 2021

This moment in history that we are going through is demanding for the Eritrean opposition forces to qualitatively and quantitatively transform and intensify their struggle for justice. It is a moment that we are witnessing the struggle of the Tigrayan people rising up from the biggest fall that they described as “reviving after licking dirt”, and marching towards a victory that should make us all proud. It is also a moment that we are observing the noose in Abiy Ahmed’s neck tightening and the rope-making process of the one for Isaias Afewerki’s neck approaching completion. While congratulating the Tigray people for their well-earned success, humbly we also wish to see the same for the Eritrean people’s struggle. With that goal in mind, as the Eritrean Revolution served as launching pad for the struggle of Tigray people, we hope to benefit from the Tigrayan experience and use this opportune moment to get rid of the enemy of our people as they did theirs. In the past thirty years, the Eritrean people have experienced failures and breakdowns as never seen before. More than dirt, we have “licked rocks and mud”. This is admitted not only by the victims but by the totalitarian regime in the country as well. It has been puzzling to many, in particular if one puts into consideration the fighting experience of the nation, to see the Eritrean people to go through all these abuses and humiliations without revolting against the system. There are so many answers given to this question. One that is expressed by many analysts is the absolute intolerance of the regime to any civic movement. Beyond that though, it looks, little by little, the Eritrean people seem to have gotten conditioned to the miserable life. If one gets used to misery, there will be moments that one may not realize the existence of a better alternative. Miserable life could be accepted as a norm and people could be manipulated for a while. In addition to that, the opposition camp has been very relaxed in confronting the situation. The crafty PFDJ system also, up to now, did managed to confuse and stultify our citizens and stay in power for the past thirty years. Are these ugly conditions to be allowed to endure unchecked? Are we going to tolerate the continuous deterioration of the economic, social, and cultural conditions of the country? Are we going to allow the dangerous slide towards social disintegration of our society? Are we going to permit the mounting risks to our national sovereignty and territorial integrity to proceed unchecked? Are our children doomed to continue paying their lives in senseless wars? Are our sons and daughters to remain condemned to endless forced servitude? Are our youth going to keep on fleeing their county and perish in harsh deserts and angry oceans? How long could we allow our youngsters even after they reach a relatively secure refuge, to languish in psychological complications and post-traumatic injuries caused by their experiences during their escape form PFDJ regime? In order to give the right response to these appalling situations, the following initiatives are imperative A regime that does not understand the peaceful solution of conflicts, which does not open any space for the social forces to participate in their national affairs and always responds in the oppressive and violent manner should be confronted accordingly. It is time for PFDJ to be administered with the medicine of its subscription:

  • Limiting the mode of struggle to peaceful means veiled by insincere concerns for the lives of our citizens serves to the benefit of the oppressor. Our children are already dying in mass in senseless wars in foreign lands and waters where their remains cannot even be retrieved, and parents and relatives cannot even mourn them and have some closure.

  • Although it is perfectly understood that members of the Eritrean army are potentially part of the Eritrean forces for change, let us not forget that as an institution the army is an instrument of oppression as is used by PFDJ regime. To transition from potential to active force of change, this army must abandon PFDJ and join the camp of justice. Consequently, our primary goal in dealing with the Eritrean army is not to enter into confrontation but rather to engage and convince its ranks to join the resistance and coordinate our work from within and without delivering the nation from the barbaric grip of the unscrupulous regime.

  • As we have repeatedly stated in our previous statements, the move towards the above-stated initiatives shall be in coordination with all other political and civil entities with similar convictions.

To conclude, multiple political and civil entities that are determined to confront and end the desperate situation in Eritrea (including some currently holding dialogue) to create a situation in which our future generations could enjoy a better one. The core issue in achieving this goal is by getting rid of the only and only arch-enemy of the Eritrean people-PFDJ as the main cause of all of our appalling failures and breakdowns. PFDJ has caused death and incalculable suffering to thousands of our innocent citizens. PFDJ has pushed more than half of our population to abandon their beloved country and live as refugees all over the world. Putting into perspective all these losses that the nation experienced, there is nothing we lose but everything to gain by getting rid of this barbaric regime. Of course, this sacred endeavor will demand sacrifices, but compared with the losses in the last thirty years, what is demanded to unseat PFDJ will not be more than what we paid in one single year of the last thirty years. As Eritrean justice seekers, let’s rise together to gain a better future of our own.

Victory to Eritrean Struggle for Justice!

Eternal Memory and Honor to our Martyrs!

Eritrean Unity for Democratic Change

November 04, 2021

Some events come out of the blue, as surprising as thunderbolts. Others feel like confirmations of dour predictions, as grindingly inevitable as winter’s onset. The outbreak of heavy fighting between Eritrean and Ethiopian troops on their mutual border on June 12, which is reported to have left hundreds dead, falls into the latter category. No one should be surprised. And some mea culpas are in order.

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Dictators dig their graves dipper as time passes by. The problem is that they become too proud to be told off or/and to be advised to. Hence, it is their way or no way. For the most part of their ruling period their voice is heard louder than the population they were supposed to be heard. Their personal interest (to them) seems to be more important than the interest of the public. As if their country is not blessed to have better than them, they worry as if the country would not survive after them. Evidently, the truth is quite the opposite. The sooner a dictator goes the better.

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Calls for separating religion and politics in the Brotherhood are not new. Many Islamist figures, including Mohammed Salim El-Awa, Tariq El-Bishry and Abduallah Al-Nofaisy, urged the Brotherhood to leave politics and focus on da’wa (religious preaching) and tarbiyya (education). The prime reason behind the split of Al-Wasat Party from the Brotherhood in 1996 was to morph the movement into a political entity. As Abu Ela Madi, the chairman of Al-Wasat Party, put it in a recent interview, “The Brotherhood’s activity should be limited to da’wa.”

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An explanation is contained in the latest report of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry , published Wednesday, which found reasonable grounds to believe that “crimes against humanity” have been committed against the population. The report urged a referral to the International Criminal Court. The crimes include indefinite national service, arbitrary detention, torture, enforced disappearance, persecution on ethnic and religious grounds, rape and murder. They are a powerful indictment of the rule of President Isaias Afwerki, who has been in power since 1991.

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